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Sophie Shen

Mandarin Chinese Instructor  

Sophie Shen, born in Shanghai and a native Chinese speaker, boasts extensive teaching experience in Boston's local Chinese education scene. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, she is passionate about imparting Chinese language skills to diverse learners. Sophie's expertise also extends to traditional Chinese instruments such as Guzheng and Guqin, enhancing her holistic approach to cultural education.


In Sophie's own words: "My goal is to help students progress from basic Chinese to mastering all aspects of language skills. I understand learning a language can be challenging, so I strive to create a relaxed, positive learning environment where my students can confidently express themselves, fearlessly make mistakes, and thus better grasp Chinese. Through learning, they experience joy and a sense of achievement."


In the Boston community and beyond, Sophie has honed her teaching skills, catering to learners of all ages. Her aim is to instill a love for Chinese language and culture, creating an inclusive and engaging learning environment for all.

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