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Group Classes  (all languages)

Standard Group (1x per week)
Accelerated Group (2x per week)
4-Week Package
8-Week Package
12-Week Package

*Standard Group classes meet for 1.5 hours once per week, while Accelerated Group classes meet for 1.5 hours twice per week. Some exclusions apply and are labeled/priced differently on their respective pages.
**Most group classes are ongoing can be joined any week with the exception of Beginner classes which have specific start dates and are always 8 weeks in duration. Some exclusions apply and have start dates listed.

Private Lessons  (all languages)

Private Lesson Type
Private (1 student)
$60 / hour
Semi-Private (2 students)
$70 / hour
Private Group (3-5 students)
$80 / hour

*Private lesson rates are per hour, not per student. 
**BLH does not pair students for semi-private or small group lessons; this is a good option if you already have a partner or group that is interested in signing up for classes together.
***Private lessons bought in packages of 10 hours or more are discounted. Please see the Private Lessons page for more details.

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