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Daria Startseva

Russian, Spanish, & ESL Instructor 

Daria Startseva holds a Master's in Linguistics from Florida Atlantic University and is a certified ESL instructor. She also possesses the DELE Spanish Certificate and the TELC DEUTSCH German Certificate. A native Russian speaker fluent in English, Spanish, and German, Daria has been teaching foreign languages for the past seven years.

Daria is passionate about showing people how language can change the way we think and see the world. She especially seeks to challenge the stereotype that adults can't learn foreign languages as quickly as younger learners. She has also actively participated in various cultural exchange projects, such as the Erasmus project, showcasing her dedication to fostering dynamic learning environments and building strong academic communities.

In addition to her teaching experience, Daria is an accomplished sailor, having both served as a sailing coach and competed in numerous local and national competitions. Her international experience, combined with her dedication to education, makes her a versatile and inspiring instructor who believes that anything is possible!

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