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Where could a new language take you?

Whether you dream of traveling, work for an international company, want to communicate with your

in-laws, or just love languages,

BLH is the place to learn!

All group classes are online via Zoom

Group and private options available

Adults and teens ages 15+ welcome

Flexible start dates for many levels

Which language are
you interested in?

Click on a language to see our current schedules for online group classes, or check out our private class options.


Learn from the comfort of your home or office

No more long commutes or rushing to get to class– your lessons with us are just a click away.

All group classes are offered through Zoom which means that incredible, experienced instructors are right at your fingertips. Choose your target language from the menu bar to see current schedule offerings by level.

Not sure which level is right for you? Contact us to schedule a free 15-min. consultation with one of our instructors. 

Student Reviews

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to say about us:

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