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Mandarin - Advanced

Fridays 6:00-7:30 PM (EST)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From 125 US dollars
  • Online - Zoom

Course Description

This is a standard class that meets once per week. Builds upon previous levels in regards to vocabulary expansion, oral comprehension improvement, and conversation practice. Upon completion of this level, students will be able to converse in everyday situations and would be able to communicate both effectively and comfortably if they were to travel to China. Students will also complete complex written assignments to reinforce character acquisition. Advanced reading materials such as short stories and news articles will be utilized to help students become more comfortable in their understanding of the written language. Video materials such as news clips and snippets from films will be used to help students become familiar with current topics and colloquial language. Topics: customs and habits, seeking employment, life and work experience, giving gifts, renting an apartment, holidays, and plans Objectives: describing similarities, verbs in the past tense, the use of “although---yet”, forming sentences with two objects, descript degree, the use of “If”, the use of “because----so”, passive sentence structure, and future tense structure Textbook: New Concept Chinese 3