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Italian - High Beginner

Thursdays 7:00-8:30 PM (EST)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • From 125 US dollars
  • Online - Zoom

Course Description

This is a standard class that meets once per week. For those with some previous experience in Italian or who have completed the Beginner course, this class will focus on expanding vocabulary, improving listening skills, and understanding more complex grammar. Students will learn to distinguish between different verb tenses in relation to describing actions in the past and future. Videos and songs will be used to improve oral comprehension, and short stories and simple texts will be introduced to improve reading comprehension. Topics: hobbies, interests, like/dislikes, food, cooking, TV, cinema, health, and the body Objectives: infinitive verbs (-are, -ere, - ire), the simple past tense using essere and avere, direct and indirect object pronouns, interrogatives, prepositions, expressing likes and dislikes using the verb piacere, and the use of conoscere vs. sapere, reflexive verbs, the imperfect tense, the simple future tense, adverbs, expressions of time and duration, comparatives and superlatives, and gerunds Textbook: Prego! (8th Edition), Chapters 4-9